Our Attorneys Are Experienced In And Out Of The Courtroom.



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Although most civil claims are settled without the need for trial, we approach each case with the idea that we can get the best results for our clients by being prepared to present their case in court if it is necessary to do so. Our firm is peer-rated as the highest rating recognized by Martindale-Hubbell, which is the most experienced and prestigious company that evaluates lawyers.

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Alonzo “Lonnie” T. Stanga, III

William “Trey” R. Mustian, III

We handle serious personal injury and wrongful death cases involving:

  1. Bullet    Motor Vehicle Crashes

  2. Bullet    Defective Products

  3. Bullet    Medical Malpractice

  4. Bullet    Workers Compensation

  5. Bullet    Social Security Claims

  6. Bullet    Defective Premises

  7. Bullet    Maritime Related Matters

  8. Bullet    City and State Liability

  9. Bullet    Wills and Other Legal Matters.